Local Food

Nutrition in Kefalonia is similar to other Ionian islands, with some variations that include local recipes and delicious local dishes. The traditional cuisine of Kefalonia includes all elements of the Ionian and Mediterranean nutrition: meat, fish, fruits, vegetables. Some of the most popular dishes of the island is the meat pie, the Bourbourelia, which is a kind of pea soup with salt, pepper and olive oil, aliada, which is also known as skordalia and is a purely local dish and consists of mashed potatoes with sharp garlic sauce and vegetables, Strapatsada, eggs and tomatoes fried in a pan with local olive oil, salt and pepper, Bakaliaropita, which is a pie stuffed with a mixture of cod fish and rice baked in the oven and Chicken “tserepa”.
In addition you will find a wide variety of high quality local products such as Kefalonian feta cheese, olives and olive oil, the famous Robola wine and sweets like mantoles, amygdalopita (almond pie with syrup), pastokidono (quince paste) and many more.

The list below contains some of our favorite, recommended restaurants in Kefalonia.


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