Most of Kefalonia beaches have been awarded with the Blue Flag. The most famous beach is Myrtos, which is considered among the most impressive coasts in the Mediterranean Sea. Below you will find  a list with the best beaches in Kefalonia island.

Myrtos (Greek: Μύρτος)Myrtos-Beach-Kefalonia1

It is the trademark of Kefalonia with numerous international awards as one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and it is certainly worth it.  The scenery from above is unique and the view is certainly breathtaking. Green rocks that result in quite a long beach with white pebbles and the Ionian Sea at its best. The turquoise waters, with or without wave, will make your swimming experience unforgettable. And when you finally descend and encounter the infinite blue, you will be enchanted.

Antisamos (Greek:Αντίσαμος)Antisamos-Beach-Kefalonia

Antisamos is located a few kilometers away from the port of Sami. The landscape combines all shades of blue and green, where the vegetation grows almost into the sea. The beach attained special glamour and publicity because of the Hollywood production “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, which was filmed in the year 2000 on the island.

Xi (Greek: Ξι)Xi-Beach-Kefalonia

Xi Beach is an exception compared to other beaches of Kefalonia, because it has no steep cliffs or deep waters. Instead, it is very easily accessible. Its waters are very shallow and thus more than suitable for children. What makes the Xi Beach so unique and extremely impressive is its reddish color of sand. Because of its clayey composition, one can enjoy a natural and free spa session, as it is said to have cleaning and tightening effects to the skin.

Platia Ammos (Greek: Πλατιά Άμμος)Platia_ammos-Beach-Kefalonia

Platia Ammos is one of the most impressive beaches on the Paliki Peninsula and in all of Kefalonia, located a little after Kipouria Monastery.It’s a beach very much like Myrtos, but less known and the landscape is a bit more wild. Its waters are deep blue, as opposed to the green and foggy due to the salt ones of Myrtos.
Up until only a few years ago, it was accessible only by sea. Now, an access construction project has been completed. In order to reach it, the visitor must pass through a dirt road and descend 400 steps, thus turning the access to this virgin beach into a little adventure. It is considered as one of the island’s most isolated spots. This is what adds to the beach’s magic and mystery, as it’s a destination only for those who know of it…

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